Discover true taste
 of Japan


More than just a restaurant

Sumi garden guides you through the journey with fulfilment of your own memories and experiences, lingers your senses, as taste, scent, sight, sound, touch and utmost..

Our chef recommends you to taste Okonomiyaki, traditional Japanese cuttlefish with sepia or Tako Yaki, the unique octopus balls,  but if you are a true street food lover, you should not miss the true Japanese Yaki Kushi skewers which are traditionally prepared right in the middle of Japanese streets. Of course, we will also satisfy all sushi lovers for whom our master has prepared a delicate selection of the best sushi in wide variations.

Everything can be enjoyed in a beautiful and modern environment, from which you can explore true Japanese culture.

You can enjoy delicious food, a family atmosphere and, above all, a perfect experience.


Taste of Japan. Large selection of traditional japanese soups.

Enjoy the experience of the unique japanese street food culture

Wide selection of traditional japanese sushi variations.

Enjoy our selection of traditional dumplings from Japan.


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